TrafficGuru is a SaaS-based one stop batteries-included solution for your cloud native needs. It is offered on cloud service providers marketplace like AWS and Azure. TrafficGuru provides an out of the box

  • Service Mesh Interface (SMI) compatible service mesh
  • Software Load balancer
  • API Management & Gateway
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Kubernetes Multi-cluster support
  • Multi-Systems Integrations
  • Full observability support
  • Dashboards
  • Admin consoles with intuitive interfaces
  • and more

L4/L7 Load balancing.

TrafficGuru comes with Software Load balancer and provides an administrative console to configure software load balancer on OSI Layer 4 and/or Layer 7. Software load balancer component provides different load balancing algorithms like Round Robin, Least Connections, Hash, etc; the choice of load balancing method depends on your needs.

Service Mesh.

TrafficGuru comes with osm-edge Service Mesh an SMI (Service Mesh Interface) compatible, and provides a standard interface to the Kubernetes Service Mesh, a basic set of features for standard Service Mesh scenarios, the flexibility to provide new Service Mesh features, and a space for innovation in the Service Mesh technology ecosystem that is easy to use.

Network Policies.

TrafficGuru comes with Ingress/Egress controllers to allow you configure inbound and outbound services with the ease of point and click. You decide which servcies can be accessed from outside via HTTP/HTTPS routes and decide what services are allowed to access outside world.

API Gateway.

TrafficGuru comes with enterprise grade API Gateway built on top of programmable proxy Pipy. Give you full control and ease of configuration to modernize legacy applications, deliver outstanding digital customer experiences, and accelerate your time to market. TrafficGuru comes with plugins, portal, analytics, advanced security, user interface etc.


TrafficGuru control panel allows you full control to add tenants with ease to allow multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared environment.

Integrating non-k8s services.

TrafficGuru understands that real world scenarios are more complex and its very common for enterprises to have disparate systems running on different platforms each with its own eco-system. TrafficGuru helps to let you integrate your existing systems via its unique GUI system, thus giving you full control to configure and operate all systems from one GUI.

Operations Control Center.

TrafficGuru control panel is a complex piece of software and comes with plethora of interfaces and options. You are given the full control to decide who is allowed to do what. Manage control panel components, View system stats, View/Query logs, manage SSL certificates and more.

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