Pipy is a high performance programmable proxy for the cloud, edge and IoT. Its core is written in C++ with excellent cross-platform capability. It is both high performance and low resource. Pipy comes with a built-in JavaScript engine that allows easy custom logic implementation with the simple JS syntax, greatly reducing the complexity in high-performance network programming.

It is suitable for a variety of hardware architectures including x86, ARM64, Loongson and RISC-V. It is also compatible with various other operating systems besides Linux.


Although Pipy is mostly used as a high-performance reverse proxy, the real power of Pipy relies on providing you a range of basic pluggable building blocks, aka. "filters", and not imposing any restrictions on how you combine them. It's entirely up to you. We've seen people using Pipy to convert protocols, record network traffic, sign/verify messages, trigger serverless functions, health-check servers, and more.



Pipy is written in C++. It leverages asynchronous network I/O. Allocated resources are pooled and reused. Data is transferred internally by pointers whenever possible. It's fast in every way.


A build of Pipy with no built-in GUI frontend resources gives you an executable merely around 10MB with zero external dependencies. You'll experience the fastest download and startup times with Pipy.



At the core, Pipy is a script engine running PipyJS, a tailored version from ECMA standard JavaScript. By speaking the planet's most widely used programming language, Pipy gives you unparalleled freedom over what you have in other products based on YAML configuration files and the like.


Pipy is more open than open source. It doesn’t try to hide details in a black box. You'll always know what you are doing. It might sound a bit daunting but fear not, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand how the different parts work together. In fact, you’ll only have more fun as you have complete control over everything.


Get started with Pipy today.

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